• Dry Aged Beef

    Tender & Intensified Flavor

  • DNA Tested

    Higher Quality from the Beginning

  • Beef from our Family Farm

    Family Farm

    Raised by 5th Generation Ranchers

From Our Family Farm to Your Table

Our cattle are raised in Nebraska by Hannah, full time college student and owner of Oak Barn Beef, and Don & Linda! Hannah loves to share day-to-day farm life on Instagram, so follow along on our journey with this link.

As fifth generation ranchers, we educate on ethical ranching practices and share the story of the cattle for a true farm-to-table experience.

'Meat' Our Family
Nebraska Raised & Dry Aged Beef

Like a good cheese or wine, our beef is aged to be the most tender and delicious cut of beef. Our beef is also DNA Tested, which plays a huge role in our selection process because it can tell us which cattle will make the most premium beef. It's what makes it so darn good! Take it from our customers:

Huntington Beach, CA: "There is a huge difference between Oak Barn Beef and all the others. Oak Barn Beef wins it hands down! There is no comparison to the quality & taste of Oak Barn Beef."

Brooklyn, NY: "For dinner tonight, I threw an Oak Barn t-bone on the grill... and it was AMAZING! Whatever you are doing on your ranch, you are doing it right!"

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