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Beef Share Details

What: Whole, Half, or Fourth of Beef

- Whole beef (approx. 850 pounds hanging weight and ~550 pounds of physical beef)

- Half of beef (approx. 425 pounds hanging weight and ~275 pounds of physical beef)

- Quarter of beef (approx. 212 pounds hanging weight and ~140 pounds of physical beef)

When: We have Beef Shares available every month after that.

Where: Free Delivery if you live within 100 miles from West Point, Nebraska, or we can set-up a meeting point!

Far away? Shipping is available for quarters of beef!

How: If you're interested in getting on the list for a share in 2021, please fill out the form below or email me at

*NEW* Pricing

Now offering special pricing on our beef shares.

If you have been thinking of getting a beef share at any point in 2021, now is the time to contact us to get this pricing!

Instead of $4.50 per pound, we are offering beef shares at $4.00 per pound as our new price.

We will not know the exact cost of the beef until after the butcher date of the steer. But here's an estimated cost of each:

Whole: 850 lb x $4.50 = $3825

NEW Price = $3400

Half: 425 lb x $4.50 = $1912.50

NEW Price = $1700

Quarter: 212.5 x $4.50 = $956.25

NEW Price = $850

Interested in a Beef Share?

Fill out this form and we will be in contact shortly. Thank you!

F.A.Q. of Beef Shares

"What is hanging weight?"

The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before cutting each cut (so not actual pounds of beef). This pricing strategy is a common practice within our industry. A whole beef's hanging weight is typically around 850 pounds and you can expect about 560 pounds of actual beef product from a whole beef.

"Does the price include processing?"

YES! This price is all costs included.

"I'm not ready for a beef share now, but I will be soon. Should I still contact you now?"

Yes! Our beef shares can go quickly, so to ensure you will get your beef share, contact us today and we will save you a beef for the month you will have room for one.

What cuts do you get?

The cuts are customizable, so you can choose what you'd like or don't want.

Here are the steaks you can expect: Ribeyes, T-Bones, New York Strips, Filet Mignons, Sirloins, Flanks, Skirts, Flat Irons.

Other cuts can include: Beef Roasts, Tenderized Round Steak, Pre-Sliced Fajita, Kabob or Stew Meat, and Ground Beef.

Can you ship beef shares?

For an extra cost, we can ship quarters of beef.

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