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Beef Share Details

What: Whole, Half, or Quarter of Beef

- Whole beef (approx. 850 pounds hanging weight and an estimated* 425 pounds of physical beef)

- Half of beef (approx. 425 pounds hanging weight and an estimated* 210 pounds of physical beef)

- Quarter of beef (approx. 212 pounds hanging weight and an estimated* 105 pounds of physical beef)

When: Beef Shares are available in June and every month after!

Where: All the beef will be processed at USDA-Inspected ASC Locker in West Point, Nebraska. You are welcome to pick it up directly from the locker, or from us in West Point. We will deliver within a 50 mile radius of West Point for $100.

Far away? Shipping is available for quarters of beef!

How: Reserve a share in 2024 by filling out the form below or email me at hannah@oakbarnbeef.com.

*All physical beef weights are estimated and not guaranteed. Please see our FAQ's for more information on this, and please reach out with any questions you may have.

Beef Share Pricing

If you have been thinking of getting a beef share in 2024, now is the time to contact us to get this pricing!

We will not know the exact cost of the beef until after the butcher date of the steer. In the later part of the year, the animals typically weigh more. But here's an estimated cost of each:

Whole: 850 lb x $4.00 = $3400

Half: 425 lb x $4.25 = $1806.25

Quarter: 212.5 x $4.50 = $956.25

Interested in a Beef Share?

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F.A.Q. of Beef Shares

"Can I know exactly what cuts and quantities will be in the beef share?"

With increased interest in purchasing 1/4 of beefs and knowing exactly what you will get in your quarter, we created the Quarter of Beef Package! Click here to view that package.

"What is hanging weight?"

The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass before cutting each cut (so not actual pounds of beef). This pricing strategy is a common practice within our industry. A whole beef's hanging weight is typically around 850 pounds and you can expect about 50% of actual beef product from the hanging weight.

"How do I know exactly how much beef I will be getting?"

Because we are picking up the beef directly from the butcher and pricing the beef based off hanging weight, we are not able to give you an exact weight of the beef unless we have it on hand at the time of purchase. Due to the variability of different carcass sizes and yield grade, all weights listed above are estimated and not guaranteed. If you feel more comfortable with picking the beef directly up from the butcher in ASC, please let us know and we can arrange that!

"Does the price include processing?"

YES! This price is all costs included.

"I'm not ready for a beef share now, but I will be soon. Should I still contact you now?"

Yes! Our beef shares can go quickly, so to ensure you will get your beef share, contact us today and we will save you a beef for the month you will have room for one.

"What cuts do you get?"

The cuts are customizable, so you can choose what you'd like or don't want.

Here are the steaks you can expect: Ribeyes, T-Bones, New York Strips, Filet Mignons, Sirloins, Flanks, Skirts, Flat Irons.

Other cuts can include: Beef Roasts, Tenderized Round Steak, Pre-Sliced Fajita, Kabob or Stew Meat, and Ground Beef.

"How much ground beef will I get?"

The amount of ground beef depends on what cuts you choose to receive. The cuts you decide you do not want will then be ground into ground beef. If you'd like to limit the amount of ground beef, please let us know and we can brainstorm different cut options for you that will help increase the 'fresh' cuts and decrease ground beef quantity.

"Can you ship beef shares?"

For an extra cost, we can ship quarters of beef.

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