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Oak Barn Beef

Nebraska Raised & Dry Aged

Beef shipped directly from our farm to your doorstep.

Dry Aged Beef? What's That?

All of our beef hangs in a climate controlled room for 21-days before it is packaged. These 21-days gives the beef time to mature, like a good cheese or wine! Natural enzymes help break down the beef to provide a tender, delicious cut of beef! Usually, you find dry-aged beef at a high end steakhouse, but we can put premium beef on your kitchen table!

Our steaks are hand cut to be 1.25" thick and 1.5 pounds.

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Fifth Generation Ranchers

After generations of raising cattle, we care for the cattle the best way we can. Our herd grows up in green pastures with plenty of room to kick up their heels! We switch to feeding the cattle grain after they reach adolescence. We have a strict protocol of vaccinations and vitamins to keep our cattle feeling good and handle them with the upmost care.

Our Cows are:

On our family farm! Dad, Mom, and I play a huge role in caring for them. My two other sisters help when they can :)

Cared for in the only way we know how - with respect. By focusing on low-stress handling and animal welfare, we can treat our cattle with upmost respect.

Grazing on our family's green pastures and munching on hay from our ground all year round!

DNA tested to ensure the highest quality genetics which leads to premium beef.

Plant based beef - Our cows eat a healthy diet of plants!

Raised with farm girls - my two sisters and I grew up raising cattle and it made us the strong and independent ladies we are! (Strong because of that premium, dry aged beef!) Want to hear about beef  and child development? Read our blog.

Sustainable Beef by utilizing pasture rotation and grazing management we can take care of our land and cattle. Want to learn more about cattle's sustainability?

Our Story
Oak Barn Beef...

 Dry-aged beef is the best beef! The process is made for been connoisseurs and is very lucrative.

Large size steaks - We hear it time and time again from our customers. "You guys' steaks are huge! My wife and I split one and still have leftovers! Talk about a bank for the buck."

Beef that will melt in our mouth - Seriously! The marbling in our beef is unbelievable mouth-watering. The DNA test we use tells us which cattle will have the best marbling - this plays a huge role in our selection process. Our small town butcher doesn't grade the beef, but I'm guessing it's prime beef!

Tender - the tenderness score from the DNA test also plays a huge part in our selection process. This is described as knife cutability - a knife can slide through one of our steaks with ease and it will be the most enjoyable to eat because of this.

Premium & DNA tested for carcass traits.

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