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Meet Hannah & Eric

Oak Barn Beef Founder

Welcome to our page! I am Hannah Klitz, owner and operator of Oak Barn Beef. Three years ago and as a sophomore in college, I started Oak Barn Beef as a way to put a face to the farmer and share out farm story! I currently have another full-time position, but aspire to work with Oak Barn Beef full-time eventually!

When I am not selling beef, I am hanging out with my dog Fran, talking to any and everyone, or working on numerous projects with my husband, Eric.

I love to share behind the scenes of Oak Barn Beef and more about my life on Instagram, so follow a long on with the link below.

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About Our Family

Hannah and Eric are newly weds who both have a love for the beef industry. As fifth generation cattle producers, we utilize the best practices to raise cattle for Oak Barn Beef.

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Fifth Generation Ranchers

After generations of raising cattle, we care for the cattle the best way we can. Our herd grows up in green pastures with plenty of room to kick up their heels! We switch to feeding the cattle grain after they reach adolescence. We have a strict protocol of vaccinations and vitamins to keep our cattle feeling good and handle them with the upmost care.

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Our Cows Are:

Cared for in the only way we know how - with respect. By focusing on low-stress handling and animal welfare, we can treat our cattle with upmost respect.

Grazing on green pastures and munching on hay all year round! Our beef cattle eat a finishing diet curated by a cattle nutritionists.

DNA tested to ensure the highest quality genetics which leads to premium beef.

Plant based beef - Our cows eat a healthy diet of plants!

Sustainable Beef by utilizing pasture rotation and grazing management we can take care of our land and cattle. Want to learn more about cattle's sustainability?

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