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Meet Hannah & Eric

Oak Barn Beef Owners

It's nice to meet you! About 5 years ago, Hannah founded Oak Barn Beef to start sharing her family's Premium, Nebraska Beef with people across the United States. On her parent's family farm in Unadilla, Nebraska, Oak Barn Beef began in a retired cattle barn that was converted into OBB's first headquarters. Oak Barn Beef has expanded since then and now ships to customers in all 50 states.

When Hannah and Eric got married in 2021, they moved the beef company to West Point, and in 2022, they expanded to a new building with a freezer, warehouse, and retail storefront in the town of West Point, Nebraska. They also gained two helping hands in the past few years and are now blessed with two little girls. They look forward to growing our business and appreciate your support.

Hannah loves to share behind the scenes of Oak Barn Beef and more about life on Instagram, so follow a long on with the link below.

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Cattle Caretakers

Both Hannah and Eric have been around livestock their whole lives. Eric grew up on a hog farm before his family transitioned to raising cattle, and Hannah was raised in the beef industry. Because of this, we are experienced in taking care of animals. Hannah is a fifth-generation cattle producer!

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About Our Herd

After generations of raising cattle, we care for the cattle the best way we can. Our herd grows up in green pastures with plenty of room to kick up their heels! We switch to feeding the cattle grain after they reach adolescence. This means the cattle are grass-fed and corn-finished. We have a strict protocol of vaccinations and vitamins to keep our cattle feeling good and handle them with the upmost care. We do not use mRNA vaccines.

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Our Cows Are:

Cared for in the only way we know how - with respect. By focusing on low-stress handling and animal welfare, we can treat our cattle with upmost respect.

Grazing on green pastures and munching on hay all year round! Our beef cattle eat a finishing diet curated by a cattle nutritionists.

DNA tested to ensure the highest quality genetics which leads to premium beef.

Plant based beef - Our cows eat a healthy diet of plants!

Sustainable Beef by utilizing pasture rotation and grazing management we can take care of our land and cattle. Want to learn more about cattle's sustainability?

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