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The Freezer Filler - Dry Aged Nebraska Beef

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*Will be restocked in September

  • 3 Ribeye Steaks - 1.25" Thick
  • 4 T-Bone Steaks 
  • 3 Roasts - 2-3 Pounds
  • 6 packages of Beef Jerky - 8 oz packages*
  • 25 Pounds Ground Beef - 1 pound packages

FREE SHIPPING, insulated cooler box, and dry ice to ensure this box makes it to you in perfect condition!

Products in bundle updated on March 24, 2020.
  • Purchase this bundle TODAY and it will ship directly to your doorstep on the next Monday. The Rancher Box takes 2 boxes to ship.

You will receive your beef in a shipping box with a biodegradable insulator to keep your meat cold without the guilt of receiving another styrofoam container that will take millions of years to biodegrade. Click here for more information on shipping.