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Shipping | Best Dry Aged Beef

Next Shipping Dates: Ship once a week on Mondays

Labor Day Shipping: Tuesday, September 2

If you are picking up your box at the specified locations & dates below, please choose "Pick up-" at checkout.

Lincoln, NE Next Pick Up Dates:
Every Tuesday from 5:30PM-6:00PM at UNL Dairy Store Parking Lot
If this is a time conflict, please reply to your order confirmation email or fill out this form!


Papillion, NE Next Pick Up Date:
October 3: 5:00pm-5:30pm at Cabela's Parking Lot.
October 17: 5:30pm-6:00pm at Cabela's Parking Lot.

If this is a time conflict, please reply to your order confirmation email or fill out this form!

Unadilla, NE Next Pick Up Date: We will contact you to coordinate.

*If you are purchasing in bulk and we need to send more than 1 box to fit your order, you will be charged an additional shipping fee for the extra boxes at a later time.

Thank you kindly!

We ship all perishable orders weekly on Mondays, unless otherwise stated.

Non-perishables will ship on Mondays, unless otherwise stated.

All perishables will ship UPS Ground or UPS Next Day Air Saver. They will be shipped in our biodegradable, insulated shipping boxes with dry ice or a gel pack- please handle with care! All orders are fulfilled right here on the farm.

UPS Ground: We ship UPS Ground to midwest states and the following states: NE, CO, OK, MO, IA, IL, SD, ND. We know that a ground shipment will only take 1 or 2 days to arrive to these states, which is why we trust UPS Ground.

UPS Next Day Air: We ship UPS Next Day Air to all the other states to ensure that the premium beef we are shipping to you stays in excellent condition!

We use flat rate shipping because it allows us to get you the best shipping prices. We use a third party platform to ship our beef orders because on average it saves you $90 on shipping alone. For example, to ship an order of 30-pounds of beef to Texas from our farm it costs $165 via UPS rates. With our third party platform, we can lower that price from the rate of $165 via UPS Rates to $69. This saves you a lot of money on shipping, and it ensures your product gets to you in great ship while being economical. 

We put a high priority on being sustainable in our shipping methods, which is why we have selected a biodegradable insulator. A lot of companies use styrofoam coolers to ship their perishables products, but we know styrofoam coolers take over a million years to degrade.

Another way we try to be more sustainable is with our Return Your Box Program. We put the following information into every box shipped from Oak Barn Beef:

Our boxes and liners are biodegradable and work as great travel coolers, so if you want to keep them, feel free! If not, we would love to get them back so we can reuse them. Here are a few options if you choose to return your box:

Media Mail with the USPS: If you choose to ship the box back to us, add a used book and you will get a discounted price of approximately $4.05 from USPS! Unfortunately, you can ONLY send books/reading material to get the discounted rate. We will take all the donated books and donate them to our local libraries! Attached is a return address slip.

Drop-Off Locations: We have pick-up locations in Syracuse, Lincoln, and Omaha every month, so please check our website for the specified dates we will be in each city. If the dates work for you, you can drop your boxes to us during the pick-up times listed on our website!

As a THANK YOU to you, after you return 5 boxes, we will add $50 of beef to your next order!! Returned boxes help our family farm SO MUCH! Thank you for taking the time and money to support Oak Barn Beef!

Oak Barn Beef shipping boxes can be reused up to 10 times. By returning your box you can make a huge difference in helping us lower our footprint and it helps our small business grow! Sincerely, thank you and we hope you enjoy your extra beef after returning 5 boxes.