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Tenderized Minute Steak

Tenderized Minute Steak - the ultimate addition to any meal!

From tacos and steak salads to wraps and the classic Chicken Fried Steak, this versatile cut is guaranteed to elevate your dishes. Made from Round Steak, it is expertly tenderized for an even better dining experience. Don't miss out on trying these amazing steaks!

Each package is vacuum sealed and has 4 steaks per package, depending on your preference. Give them a whirl!

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Our Dry Aged Beef is said to be the best you'll ever have. Beef raised right here on our family farm is DNA Tested to ensure quality from the beginning, raised with family values in mind, and has a tender and intensified flavor. With the extra steps we take to create the utmost premium and best tasting product, you can trust us as your beef providers. 'Meat' our family by clicking here.