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Spook-tastic Halloween Dinner Ideas & Recipes

September 11, 2020

Spook-tastic Halloween Dinner Ideas & Recipes

Happy {Almost} Halloween!

I've never been a Halloween fanatic, but I guess there's just something in the air this year or maybe we just really need something to celebrate!

Although this year may look different, there's a lot of ways to spook-it-up in your household, and food can play a big part in that. No worries, it will look spooky but taste delicious!

I put together a list of 7 recipes that I've found for you to try this Halloween! Click the links below to take a 'peek':

  1. 'Mummy Meat Loaves' by Woman's Day Kitchen
  2. 'Yummy Mummy Beef Pizzas' by Beef Loving Texans
  3. 'Mac'n'Cheese Spider Bites' by Pre
  4. 'Boo-tastic Halloween Quesadillas' by Beef Loving Texans
  5. 'Halloween Feet Load' by Tasty
  6. 'Spooky Spider Meatballs' by Beef Loving Texans
  7. 'Stuffed Pizza Skulls' by Hungry Happenings
    1. This one doesn't include beef, but if you want to mix some ground beef into the recipe, I think it'll work!

All of these recipes look delicious, and even more importantly, they look like a way to have a little bit of fun this Halloween... Please let me know if you try any of them!

Halloween Recipes!!

Photo by Beef Lovin' Texans!

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