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“Where to get Dry Aged Steak?”

April 19, 2020

“Where to get Dry Aged Steak?”

“Where to get Dry Aged Steak?”

A lot of people know that dry aged steak is the best, but people don’t always know where to look for it. In this changing day and age, you can find dry aged beef in more and more places. There are grocery stores, niche beef producers, and even people at home dry aging beef that have realized dry aged beef is the best beef out there.

First off, let’s talk about dry aging. “What exactly is dry-aged beef?” Well, dry aging is utilizing time and technique to make the highest quality beef for you and your family.

Here's the process:

  1. To go through dry aging, all of our beef is placed in a climate controlled room for 21 days to allow naturally present enzymes to break down collagen.
    1. Collagen holds muscle fibers together and causes beef to toughen, so when it is broken down, it is much more satisfying and easy to chew (also known as tenderness).
  2. This process also encourages water evaporation which creates a more intensified flavor.
  3. Beef that goes through dry aging becomes much more tender and has a richer flavor profile than beef that does not go through that process.

Normally, you would need to go look at a menu at a fancy steakhouse to get that high-quality beef. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get all dressed up for a nice dinner, but through Oak Barn Beef you not only provide your family with high-quality protein that has been dry aged for maximum flavor, but you can enjoy and customize the experience at your own home!

With a more tender and intensified flavor, dry aged beef is sought after by many beef connoisseurs, or ‘beef snobs’ as we refer to ourselves in our house. 

Here are a few places you can get dry aged beef:

  • Online
    • Many beef producers are now selling their beef online, directly to consumers. While you have to do a bit of research to make sure they are selling beef that is dry aged, most of these producers have it front and center on their website.
    • Oak Barn Beef, a fifth generation family farm, has their butcher dry age the beef they raised on their farm for 21 days. In addition to this, the beef is genetically tested for tenderness and marbling to ensure the highest quality product from the beginning. 
    • Shop Oak Barn Beef’s Dry Aged Steaks by clicking here!
  • Local Niche Grocery Stores
    • Lincoln, Nebraska has a few meat stores that carry dry aged beef. There is Fareway Meat Market, Del Goulds, and Leons.
    • A chain grocery store that sells Dry Aged Beef is HyVee. Just ask the people at the meat counter for Dry Aged Beef!
  • Dry Age Beef at Home

There are many more places you can get dry aged beef from now than ever. If you’ve never tried it, I definitely recommend you do so! And if you are a dry aged beef connoisseur, then I highly recommend you shop Oak Barn Beef!


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