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What a beef subscription box is like...

April 05, 2020

What a beef subscription box is like...

A Beef Box Subscription is EASILY one of our favorite products here at Oak Barn Beef.⁠


If you love premium beef and steaks to your doorstep from online, this is the option for you. A Beef Box Subscription has many benefits, including:

Our Beef Box Subscription is something you have to do one time, and then it is on autopilot. You can subscribe to how many pounds you’d like and choose a frequency of how often you would like it.

Beef Box Subscription
Before the first Monday of the month, we will email you asking for any special requests for the month and let you know what we cuts we have planned to send you. If you want to make any changes to what we are planning, you can email us back and we will readjust! Then, you are DONE! A premium, box of beef is sent to your doorstep.


Our Beef is the Real Deal:

Our cattle are raised in Nebraska by Hannah – Winner of the UNL Business Pitch Competition

  • I love to share what we are doing in our day-to-day operations on Instagram, so follow along on our journey with this link.
Backed by Five Generations of Ranching Experience
  • Providing your family with the high quality beef that our family has been raising for generations.

Dry Aged for 21 days for Premium Flavor

  • These 21-days gives the beef time to mature, like a good cheese or wine! Natural enzymes help break down the beef to provide a tender, delicious cut of beef! Usually, you find dry-aged beef at a high end steakhouse, but we can put premium beef on your kitchen table!

DNA Tested to Ensure the Best Taste & Quality

  • The DNA test we use tells us which cattle will have the best marbling - this plays a huge role in our selection process.

THE Best Beef You'll Ever Taste

    • Huntington Beach, CA:
      • There is a huge difference between Oak Barn Beef and all the others. Oak Barn Beef wins it hands down! There is no comparison to the quality & taste of Oak Barn Beef.
    • Brooklyn, NY:
      • For dinner, tonight, I threw an Oak Barn t-bone on the grill... and it was AMAZING! .{..} It was so tender and flavorful... so great. Whatever you are doing on your ranch, you are doing it right!
    • Lincoln, NE:
      • Hannah is top notch and so are her products. She takes the best care of her customers and makes sure the quality of her product is 100! We love Oak Barn Beef. That says a lot as we raised our own for years and needed a new provider after leaving our ranch! 

When you first sign up, Hannah will email you asking you to fill out a form that tells us more about your household, your cooking preferences, and any other information we should know. This helps us curate the box specifically to what you like! If you are open to new cuts, we will send you different things to try. Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, or Flat Irons are some of our favorite cuts, but they are not widely known! Some of our customers have never tried these before switching to Oak Barn Beef and now they are a household favorite in their houses too!

Beef Dry Aged
Like we said, when you first sign up, Hannah will email you asking you to fill out a form that tells us more about your household, your cooking preferences, and any other information we should know. This helps us curate the box specifically to what you like! If your family really likes to grill premium steaks, we will pack your box with Ribeyes & T-Bones. If you are more quick & convenient meals, we know to send fajita meat or ground beef. 
With almost 2 million farms in the USA and about 80% of these being small farms and being family owned, there’s no better reason for you to buy directly from these farmers. Farmers, like us here at Oak Barn Beef, have been doing this for years. We are family owned and this type of farming has been in our family for over 5 generations now. We take pride in how we raise and produce cattle and take many steps to even make sure our beef is the best dry aged beef you’ll taste.
Here are the very many reasons you should buy directly from farmers:

  1. Eating local is good for the economy! Supporting a local business puts your dollars directly into the hands of families and businesses in your community. This keeps your local economy growing and thriving.
  2. You can “get to know” where your food is coming from. Often times, buying directly from farmers grants you the opportunity to see where your food is coming from and how it is raised
  3. The taste! Locally raised foods just taste better. It's fresher. It's not had to travel and be stored for a longer period of time, leaving the fresh, wholesome taste for you to enjoy.

Family farm beef

With any subscription, the thought “but what if I won’t need it next month?” comes to mind. Some months you won’t eat as much beef as other months. That is fine! Just email us and let us know you are going to pass this month, and we will check back in with you next month to see if you’re ready for more beef then. No penalties, no questions asked.
There are a lot of reasons we think the Beef Box Subscription is the best item we offer. Become a subscriber today! Click this link.

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