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Oak Barn Beef Business Pitch

April 05, 2020

Oak Barn Beef Business Pitch

Hannah keeps promising videos of the Oak Barn Beef Business Pitch when she is up on stage giving the presentation, but somehow it never happens! Video quality is poor or other technical difficulties. Finally she sat down and recorded it from her office.

Hannah has given this presentation at multiple business pitch competitions. She is a senior at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln at the time of the presentation. She is excited to share it with all of you!



A few years ago I had the opportunity of being the Nebraska Beef Ambassador! I traveled across the state and talked to concerned consumers about cattle raising practices and taught youth about where beef comes from.


When a third grader from a rural community told me that eggs come from cows because they’re next to the milk in the grocery store, I really saw the huge educational gap between producers and consumers. And decided I want to help fill that gap! So Oak Barn Beef was born.


Oak Barn Beef is a farm to table beef company, in which I ship my family farm’s premium beef directly to consumers across the United States. Not only does this allow me to share the premium product that my family farm has been raising for five generations, but I also have a direct connection with consumers, where I can help educate and tell my ag story. I also love sharing my unique farm story with all of my followers on social media and effort to help connect them to the producer and gain their trust in me and my family to be there ranchers.


While our story may be the reason that customers buy from us for the first time, the high quality taste of our beef is what turns them into customers for life. Our process can be broken down into four steps:

  1. First the cattle are born at my family farm.
  2. Then we take a small DNA sample image can tell us which cattle will produce the highest quality beef. We will only select the top cattle in transition them into our beef program.
  3. Where they will stay on our family farm until they reach market weight which is approximately 1350 pounds.
  4. Then we seek the help of a USDA inspected butcher or the beef is dry age fabricated and packaged into individual cuts.
    1. If you're unfamiliar with the dry aging process it's like giving a fine cheese or wine time to mature, which results in such a more tender and flavorful cut of beef.

It's important to me that people know where their food comes from, so they can fully appreciate the product that lands on their plate.


Since August 2018, Oak Barn Beef has shipped in a 45 different States (now 50!!) and had over 400 customers.


Our most popular items are beef bundles- these are 12 to 25 pound packages with a variety of different cuts. Customers also have the option to choose individual cuts; like a rib eye steak. Our most recent edition has been our subscription box - this is a customized box that's 12 pounds of beef directly from our family farm to your doorstep once a month or every other month.


While I may be the technical owner Oak Barn Beef, it's definitely a family business! My dad is the cattle rancher and my mom is a CPA accountant and those might be there more official titles --- their unofficial role is putting up with my SHIP-PING boxes, which have somehow taken up over half of their office at home and me and my sister’s old bedroom closets.

Oak Barn Beef has gained a lot of traction in the last two years but one thing will always remain the same: which is our dedication to putting a positive face to the farmer in creating connection and education to where your food comes from.


Thank you, any questions?

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