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More Nutritious and Delicious! The Best Dry Aged Beef

July 05, 2020

More Nutritious and Delicious! The Best Dry Aged Beef

Is your beef full of water?

Is your beef full of water?

How much are you paying per a pound for that water?

What is the nutritional value of that water that coil is something as?

I wanted to discuss with you a topic that I heard on a podcast and haven't been able to get out of my mind this past week. If you have been following me for any length of time, it won't take long for you to hear me say the line:

“Dry aged beef is like aging a good cheese and wine. The aging results in a much tender, flavorful, and more premium product.” 

This podcast did hit on this point. However, it also talked about the common sense fact that buying dry aged beef means that you are buying less water resulting in more nutrient dense beef.

Less Water:

This is because during the dry aging process. The beef actually loses water, hence “dry aging” the beef is drying out.
Now when it is worded like that it may seem like the beef your buying will be less juicy and not as satisfying. This is not true because marbling (if a high quality steak) will create a ready to melt-in-your-mouth as it is cooked to perfection. 

Nutrient Dense Beef:

The nutrient density is easily explained. If you are spending money for a pound of beef that is not dry aged and the same price for a pound of beef that is dry aged, the one that is not dry aged contains more water.
And if there is less water you are buying more of something to make up that pound of beef, that is NUTRIENTS. You are getting more of all the benefits of eating beef on a per pound basis.

The happy ending to all this is that dry aged beef also tastes better than traditional beef. That's a win for everyone! 

Disclaimer: Dry aging beef does not create a product like beef jerky. Dry Aged Beef will look very similar to a non-aged steak. There will be slight color differences, but other than that, they will look almost the same!

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