Next restock: June 9, 2020

Beef Box Club - Subscription Box

* NEW SUBSCRIBERS: First Box in September 2020.

- NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Your first shipment will be in September 2020. We realize this is a significant wait time. Fortunately, COVID-19 has brought us a lot of new customers, but unfortunately, a farm to table operation takes a long time for inventory to become available. September is the next available restock. If you want to be guaranteed to get beef from that restock, sign up as a Beef Box Club Subscriber now!

A customized box that will ship from our farm to your doorstep once a month!

  • Beef to your doorstep once a month
    • Shipped directly from our family farm!
      • I will send you an email every month with information on when your box will ship and ask if you have any specific requests for the month!
      • "I would like more ground beef this month. We are going camping for a week!"
      • "Can you send me premium steaks this month? I have friends coming over for dinner."
  • Personally packed for your family
    • Tell me your family preferences and I will customize your monthly beef box to fit your family's needs!
  • The BEST Value
  • Customers love this option
    • Convenient
    • Great Value
    • New cuts every month 


  • Credit cards are charged the 1st of every month
  • Your card will be processed for the September Box right now, and then will move to being processed on the first of the month at the frequency chosen.
  • We will email you prior to the shipping date with the cuts your box will contain and ask if you want to make any changes
  • Boxes will usually ship the first Monday of the month. If this changes, we will let you know ASAP.