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Instagram Style: #MeatMeMondays

September 01, 2019

Instagram Style: #MeatMeMondays

Going to take this Monday on with a #meetmemonday !!
I’m sure some of you might know a few of these facts already but I’ll try to surprise you with a few! 
Here we go:
- I am the sole owner of Oak Barn Beef. I founded the company 6 months ago, at age 20!
- I am a full time student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I study Animal Science - I am also an Animal Science Student Ambassador and can tell you allll the great things about @unl_anisci and how much I love it!
- One of my hobbies is using a laser engraver machine that UNL’s Makers Space has. I do everything from engraving the cow in this picture to our Oak Barn Beef tumbler cups! ⭐️ My dream is to grow Oak Barn Beef so that I can do this full time when I graduate from college in May, 2020

Woman Entrepreneur


Here’s a fun #meatmemonday 😂
As dad always says, “a little grass and water doesn’t hurt anything” 💩 And yes this is actual 💩 that hit me bright and early at 7:30 A.M. at an Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Clinic. Here’s your fun facts for the week:
1. I am certified in AI, which means I know how to breed cows with bull semen, rather than the “conventional” way. I’ll post more about this during breeding season in April! 🐮
2. I was captain of our high school cheer squad 💫 (I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that from looking at this pic!) 3. When I was little, I talked so much that my parents would pawn me off by having me call aunts/uncles and talk for hours. My dads the baby of 10, so there were plenty of them to call. I’m still known for being a little chatty 😁

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This is the last #meetmemonday of this giveaway!! Comment and tell me what’s your favorite beef dinner 🥩 to be entered to win an Oak Barn Beef T-Shirt. This is your last chance to be entered, so make sure you comment!! Here are my #meetme facts of the week:
1. I went to New Zealand for 3 weeks last year on a study abroad trip with the @unl_anisci department! This is where this picture was taken. We visited deer farms, sheep farms, and a few dairy farms! Lots of fun was had and maybe even some learning took place too😉
2. When I was 16 I bought a hamster off of Craigslist and hid her in my room from my parents for 3 months! You could say they were surprised when they went into my room one day...
3. My favorite beef dinner is a big ribeye steak and mashed potatoes... but I’ll be a little more creative and share my absolute favorite meal growing up- mashed potatoes with hamburger gravy on top!!

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Let's bring back a series of #meatmemonday
👋Hello! I am Hannah, Owner & Operator of Oak Barn Beef. Here are a few random tidbits about me: ⁣
- I have owned countless cattle (seriously, I tried to count and can't), 4 pigs, 21 chickens, 5 goats, 6 rabbits, 3 ducks, 3 horses, and 1 hamster in my 21 years of life.⁣
- HOWEVER, I've only owned one plant that has lived for over two months. (I'm better at keeping things alive that move and have a personality)
- My first steer's name was Pickles. He won Grand Champion at the Boulder County Fair when I was 9 :) *swipe left*
With #meatmemonday series comes A GIVEAWAY! For the next three weeks, comment on our Monday posts and be entered to win your choice of a tumbler, hat, or t-shirt!
What was your favorite pet?

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This #meatmemonday is all about the 2 people that I need to thank (and thank again and again 1000x). Two of my biggest supporters of Oak Barn Beef- My mom and dad. The people who are taken for granted sometimes. The man who gets up every morning to check my cattle at home. The woman who lets me use her office and bedroom closets to stuff with shipping supplies. The couple who raised three daughters to be independent, hard working, and confident in themselves. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.⁣
3 Fun Facts:⁣
1. Mom and Dad met at the same college I am attending now. They have way too many stories and there is no way in heck I could get away with doing any of those kind of things now.⁣
2. They were both raised on family farms where they worked their butts off every day. They knew they wanted their children to experience the same kind of hard work that they did in their childhood.⁣
3. Dad is the baby of 10 kids, which makes me 41/43 FIRST grandchild on his side. (Our family weddings are insane!)⁣
Like I said, these people deserve endless "thank yous" and all the credit in the world.⁣
What is your favorite memory or a fun fact about your parents? I know it might be hard to choose from!! Don’t forget you’re entered to win Oak Barn Beef apparel if you comment!

Family Farm

This #meatmemondayfeatures someone who doesn't show up much on Instagram, but is constantly behind the scenes! I figured I'd do 3 funny stories about Eric & me for this #meatmemonday series in this giveaway! Comment to make sure your name gets in the drawing. and comment again if you have weeks prior- I'll put your name in again!⁣
3 Funny Stories:⁣
1. Eric and I met in high school when we were interviewing for the same scholarship our senior year. Neither of us were big fans of each other until my roommate and Eric's cousin re-introduced us- the rest is history. (He beat me in that scholarship, btw).⁣
2. Before I met any of Eric's family, I was driving his car after I told him "you're a bad driver, let me drive." Anddd we got into an accident. I met his first family member on the scene of that accident.⁣ No one was hurt luckily- now it's just an embarrassing story to tell!⁣
3. The last big Farm Stand Oak Barn Beef hosted, Eric and I were driving home with my parents' grill strapped to the back of the pick-up (that I strapped down) and it flew off. It broke into a lot of pieces. My parents were not happy. Yikes.⁣

The point of sharing all of these failures is that we SERIOUSLY don't have anything figured out. We mess up a lot (okay, when I say "we" I mean me-Eric just fixes it). And there is so much to learn. BUT, I am so glad to have such a supportive, entrepreneurial partner to go through this crazy life with. Here's to the guy who has been one of the biggest supporters of Oak Barn Beef since day 1.⁣
Who is your favorite person to go through this crazy thing called life with? Tag them below and tell me your favorite memory with them!

Big thank you for @stella.stock for making this picture happen! It’ll be one of my forever favorites ♾

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And the last #meatmemonday of this series is upon us. Here's to a great week! Last Monday we talked about our favorite supporters, but this week my fun facts are center all around hidden talents. As always, comment your answer to my question and you will be entered to win some OBB apparel 😁 Love reading all these comments!!⁣
3 of my hidden talents:⁣
1. I am so good at Wii Bowling that I play when laying down and just swing my arm and get a strike every time. This 100% makes all the people I am competing against VERY angry.⁣
2. ⁣I am insanely good at Tetris.⁣ My high score is 350,673.⁣
3.⁣ I'm great at Hallmark Movie Marathons leading up to Christmas (who's with me?)⁣
These three took me FOREVER to think of. I had to phone a friend for help 😂What is your hidden talent?
📸: @stellastock

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