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Fencing Cornstalks for Grazing | Friday On The Farm

October 06, 2023

Fencing Cornstalks for Grazing | Friday On The Farm

Welcome to Friday On The Farm!

Welcome to another 'Friday On The Farm.' This is an update from Hannah about things that are happening on our farm and local farms in our area during this time of year.

Fencing Cornstalks for Grazing

Farmers have been busy in the field harvesting corn! Once the harvest is done, we have the fun task of fencing off those corn fields. We put up temporary fences around cornfields, called hotwire fence, so the cattle can graze the corn kernels and cobs that were not picked up by the combine and eat some of the other parts of corn too, like corn husks and corn stalks.
On some harvested corn fields, we will bale the husks and stalks that are on the ground, and then use the bales as bedding for the cattle. These are especially helpful on really cold days or during calving season to keep the mamas and babies warm!
It's pretty cool to have this opportunity to be able to take care of these animals and make sure every part of the agricultural industry is being utilized in some way!
A few years ago, Hannah recorded a YouTube video while Eric and her were fencing off a cornfield. Click below to watch the video!
Man walking through cornfield with baby daughter in carrier
H ere's a picture from a few weeks ago when we were putting up fence on a cornfield. It was hot out, and Millie got to tag along in the baby carrier on Eric's back for a bit. She LOVES being outside and being a part of the action. Little farm girl in training!
Beef displayed with christmas accents

Can you believe we are already preparing for the holiday season ahead?

In all honesty, we started planning for it about two months ago! With a crazy Holiday Season ahead, we've been working ahead of schedule to prepare everything in advance... And we are so excited to share with you all we have planned for you!
Keep Oak Barn Beef in mind for all of your gifting needs this holiday season - for personal and for business! (We offer corporate gift bundles too). We'll officially launch the Holiday Bundles in early November, but if you would like to reach out about Corporate Gifting Options, please reply to this email or email hannah@oakbarnbeef.com to coordinate!
Family photo of man, woman, and baby with text that says 'thank you for your support'

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