Don’t take it from us! Take it from our customers.

Here are a few reviews we’ve gotten from customers who have purchased our beef. Would you leave us a review if you’ve tried Oak Barn Beef?

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“Oak Barn Beef, it’s what’s for dinner! Thanks for some of the best meat with ever eaten!”


Sage Williams-

“Hannah is so passionate about what she does and offers high quality products to her customers!”


Rock Port, MO

“I fixed a brisket last night, in the oven, and it was THE most tender, juicy brisket I’ve ever eaten”


“High quality homegrown beef with a wonderful group of people behind the operation.”

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Auburn, NE

“The best beef around it all has fantastic flavor packaged very well…”

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“The ground beef and brisket are delicious!”


Huntington Beach, CA

“…There is no comparison to the quality & taste of Oak Barn Beef.”