The Secret to Grilling the Perfect Ribeye:

Summer is here and it's so easy to make mistakes that'll ruin the tender, juicy steak. Find out how we do it!!

Of course, there are many variables like the type of grill used and the heat it puts off, but this is how we grill our Oak Barn Beef ribeyes:


*Steaks need to be thawed. We recommend doing this by taking steaks out of the freezer and into the refrigerator the night before, but if you forget or are a last minute dinner planner (like we are), you can soak steaks in a hot water bath instead.*

1. Turn grill on medium heat and scrub both sides with a grill brush

2. Salt and Pepper both sides of the ribeye and rub it in. You do not need to use a marinade with our beef because the 21-day dry aging process increases tenderness and we only sell beef that has a terrific tenderness gene score! (Yes, we DNA test each one to assure they will provide the best beef!)

3. Add steaks to grill and wait 3 minutes before flipping them to other side.

4. Flip a total of 4 times with a 3 minute increment in between each flip. (Each side needs to be grilled 3 separate times with the 3 minute increment)

5. Check the temperature of the steaks:

Medium Rare: 135 Degrees

  • Medium: 140 Degrees

  • Medium/Well: 150 Degrees

We love our steaks medium rare/medium. If you like yours to be more done, you will probably have to flip one more time!

6. Pair with some vegetables and wah-la! Great summer grill out!

If you have any questions about our beef and how to prepare it, email us at!

Hannah Esch