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Husker Package

Directly from the Corn Husker State, the Husker Package was the first Beef Bundle sold at Oak Barn Beef! This bundle gives you a variety of premium steaks, fair-valued cuts, and delicious, dry aged beef all around.
  • 2 1.25" thick, Bone-In, 2+ pounds Ribeye Steaks
  • 4 Sirloin Steaks (2 in a package)
  • 2 Flat Iron Steaks (2 in a package)
  • 1 Brisket (3-5 pounds)
  • 5 Ground Beef (1 pound packages)
  • 1 Beef Jerky (8 oz package)

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Our Beef is:
  • Raised by Hannah, a Full-Time College Student and Young Entrepreneur

  • Backed by Five Generations of Ranching Experience

  • Dry Aged for 21 days for Premium Flavor

  • DNA Tested to Ensure the Best Taste & Quality

  • THE Best Beef You'll Ever Taste