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Return Your Box Program | Oak Barn Beef

We try to be more sustainable with our Return Your Box Program. We put the following information into every box shipped from Oak Barn Beef:

Our boxes and liners are biodegradable and work as great travel coolers, so if you want to keep them, feel free! If not, we would love to get them back so we can reuse them. Here are a few options if you choose to return your box:

Media Mail with the United States POST OFFICE: If you choose to ship the box back to us, add a used book and you will get a discounted price of approximately $4.05 from USPS! 

Please Return Your Boxes to:

Oak Barn Beef
PO Box 2
West Point, Nebraska 68788
Unfortunately, you can ONLY send books/reading material to get the discounted rate. We will take all the donated books and donate them to the organization - Books For Africa! Attached is a return address slip.

Drop-Off Locations: Email hannah@oakbarnbeef.com if you are in the Lincoln, Omaha, Syracuse, or West Point Nebraska area. If it works, Hannah can come by your home to get the box or meet in a specified location.

As a THANK YOU to you, after you return 5 boxes, we will add $50 of beef to your next order!! Returned boxes help our family farm SO MUCH! Thank you for taking the time and money to support Oak Barn Beef!

Oak Barn Beef shipping boxes can be reused up to 10 times. By returning your box you can make a huge difference in helping us lower our footprint and it helps our small business grow! Sincerely, thank you and we hope you enjoy your extra beef after returning 5 boxes.