We sure do love happy customers, just about as much as we love happy cows! Our Family Farm, Nebraska Raised & Dry Aged Beef is focused on quality: of life and taste. See the Oak Barn Beef Promise below:


Our beef is…

Nebraska Raised & Dry Aged

Dry aging? What's that? All of our beef hangs in a climate controlled room for 21-days before it is packaged. These 21-days gives the beef time to mature, like a good cheese! Natural enzymes help break down muscle tissue to provide a tender, delicious cut of beef! Only 10% of beef in the U.S. undergoes dry-aging. Usually, you find dry-aged beef at a high end steakhouse, but we can put it on your kitchen table!

Our steaks are hand cut to be 1.25" thick and ~1.5 pounds. 

Cared for In the best Possible Way

After years of experience of raising cattle, we care for them the best way we can. Our herd grows up in green pastures with plenty of room to kick up their heels! We switch to feeding the cattle grain after they reach adolescence. We have a strict protocol of vaccinations and vitamins to keep our cattle feeling good and handle them with the upmost care.

Environmentally Friendly

We are stewards of the land. By using pasture rotation, cover crops, and other resources you would not usually think of to keep the cattle’s bellies full, we are stewards of the land. This is a top priority for Oak Barn Beef.