We have had some great opportunities to tell our farm story and advocate for the agricultural industry. Please check out some of the below articles to view some of the articles written about Oak Barn Beef!


Susan Littlefield of KRVN interviewed Hannah after hearing her talk about the importance of sharing our story at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Conference in December, 2018. Give it a listen by hitting the play button!

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In the February Issue of the Nebraska Cattlemen Magazine, Oak Barn Beef was featured in their “Membership Matters” section. This article highlights Oak Barn Beef’s story of development, struggles faced, and how being a Nebraska Cattlemen Member has helped develop Oak Barn Beef! This can be found on page 120, 122, and 124.


Oak Barn Beef teamed up with a local DNA Testing company, Neogen, to ensure our beef is high quality from the beginning. The DNA Test can tell us about the cattle's genes- tenderness, marbling, ribeye area, and many other traits!


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In the Fort Report, the author speaks about Hannah’s representation of Oak Barn Beef and the Agriculture Industry in a Food Entrepreneur Roundtable Discussion with Congressman Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska.

Hannah says: “While Oak Barn Beef is growing and transforming, one thing will remain the same: our priority to positively advocate for the agriculture industry and the people in it.”

Thank you to the Congressman and his staff for taking the time to focus on the industry that’s feeding the world!