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Business Gifts

Black Tie - Business Gift Box

By gifting clients or employees a Nebraska, Premium Product not only are you showing your appreciation, but you are giving them something they will remember you by.

Show your business' appreciation to clients, employees, and so many more by sending them Dry Aged, Premium Oak Barn Beef!

  • 2 New York Strip Steaks - Hand Cut, 1.25" Thick
  • 2 T-Bone Steaks - Hand Cut, 1.25" Thick**
  • 2 Filet Mignon Steaks - Hand Cut, 1.25" Thick, 3.2-4.64 oz **LIMITED QUANTITY
  • 1 Package Beef Sticks - 8 ounces
  • Add Your Own Promotional Item
    • Hats, T-Shirts, Koozies, & More

 *** Product has been updated and is different than pictured. Cutting board no longer included due to timeframe before Christmas.

Oak Barn Beef is happy to help curate whatever box will fit your company best, whether that includes the addition of Branded Business Gifts, different beef cuts, or other pricing options, we can customize to fit your business! 

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