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When is Father's Day this Year?

May 13, 2019

When is Father's Day this Year?

Oak Barn Beef - Mother's DayAs Mother’s Day comes to an end, we are starting to think about Father’s Day…

Personally, my mother's day was spent with family. We slept in that morning and my great plan to bring my mom breakfast in bed was ruined… Luckily my mom understood :) The rest of the day included life chats with “the girls,” showing my older sisters the new updates around the farm, and enjoying the sunshine (finally!).

Hannah - Oak Barn BeefIf you are a new reader, you might need to know a few things about me. My name is Hannah, and I am a full time college student and owner of Oak Barn Beef! I am now a senior Animal Science student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (#GBR) That makes me 21 years old, and I’m just working to provide families all over the US with the best beef and grow a company that I can raise my future kids around some day. While kids are probably in my future, they definitely aren’t in the NEAR future, which means my Mother’s Days are spent spoiling my own mother- who is absolutely my best friend, I should add. I have two older sisters who aren’t involved on the farm as much as I am, but they love to come home and see all the changes with the seasons. 

Okay, back to Father’s Day! It’s just over a month away on Sunday, June 16, 2019. While I may have ruined the breakfast-in-bed gift for my mom on mother’s day, something I refuse to ruin for Father’s Day is the grill out. Oak Barn Beef raises some of THE best beef in the United States (check it out here). And it is going to make a perfect gift for Father’s Day. It can for you too, if you Shop our Father’s Day Special. (It’s also 45% off until June 11. Seriously… go check it out now).

Oak Barn Beef Kabobs

Side note: (There are a lot of these because my mind wanders)

While I am working hard to become a master griller, sometimes I make mistakes. Believe me, there is a video out there where I am talking and open the grill to giant flames and you may or may not hear a curse word… I blame it on my lack of experience, but more so, I think it can be attributed to a small attention span… If I can give one piece of advice for all grillers- SET THE TIMER. That way you won’t forget about the meat on the grill! Should I make a document on how to make the best steaks? Don’t worry, I would have dad (the real grill master) assist me on the creation of this.

Truth be told: What better way to show dad your love than buying him steaks AND preparing them for him?? (Or he can prepare them, so you don’t have an experience like mine).

Whether you choose steaks or a different gift (like your love) for your dad on his special day, just don’t miss Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16, 2019.

With Love & a will to start writing more blogs,





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