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Cows Farts & Seaweed: What the Ag Community is Doing to Decrease Methane Production

March 07, 2019

Cows Farts & Seaweed: What the Ag Community is Doing to Decrease Methane Production

Let's talk sustainability.⁣⁣

COW FARTS is what everyone is saying produces the most methane in agriculture? Cows don't fart very much- they burp! The cow's burp is what adds the methane to the environment that everyone is talking about. There's no denying that cows contribute to greenhouse gases, but the real question is how much do they actually contribute?

Instead of going into the statistics that can easily be skewed by bias organizations, I'd rather share a research experiment that happened in the University of Nebraska's Animal Science Department and by other researchers all over the country. Although I could not find the article on Nebraska's research, there is an article in there for University of California-Davis' experiment that they conducted in an effort to decrease methane production. Click HERE to view.

These researchers monitored the amount of methane that cattle belched after being fed different combinations of feed. The research spread wide from trying multiple feedstuffs that may decrease methane production, but they might have finally found one- By adding an ingredient that's found in SEAWEED to the cattle's feed, researchers found that it substantially decreases the amount of methane produced- some articles said it could decrease it by 50%.

Although the research isn't final, this kind of research speaks a lot about the agricultural community- we know this is an issue that our customers are worried about, and we are trying so many different ways to decrease it.

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