Everything is better with time- Dry Aged Beef

My excitement grows as the holidays draw near because I know there will be ample time to connect with family and friends. I think we all tend to have a favorite relative that we especially look forward to talking to at family reunions. For me, that was my great uncle George, the most charming ninety-four-year-old to ever walk the planet. He would always share stories from the “good ole’ days” that ranged from him skipping school to go fishing to pranking his elementary teachers. With those stories came some even greater quotes that were intended to expound upon George’s life lessons. Here are a couple that may sound familiar to you . . .

“We used to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow and we knew we had it better than most.”

Lesson: Stop complaining and find gratitude amidst the obstacles.

“You can wish in one hand and spit in the other, and you see which one fills up faster.”

Lesson: Dreams are never fruitful without hard work.

But, by far, George’s favorite saying was, “Everything gets better with time and technique.” For the most part, George was referring to his seemingly unbeatable card game winning streak, but I find there is a lot of truth in that sentiment. With time comes maturity, wisdom, more experiences and therefore better technique. Time is a variable that cannot be substituted and creates the biggest impact on all areas of our lives. In fact, the impact of time even follows us to the food we find on our plates.

If you’ve been following along with Oak Barn Beef, you have probably already asked yourself, “What exactly is dry-aged beef?” Well, dry aging is utilizing time and technique to make the highest quality beef for you and your family.

Beef is a fantastic source of protein, but that does not equate to all beef being prepared in the same way. In fact, only 10% of beef in the United States goes through the process of dry aging. To go through dry aging, all our beef is placed in a climate controlled room for 21 days to allow naturally present enzymes to break down collagen. Collagen holds muscle fibers together and causes beef to toughen, so when it is broken down, it is much more satisfying to chew (also known as tenderness). This process also encourages water evaporation which creates a more intensified flavor. Consequently, beef that goes through dry aging becomes much more tender and has a richer flavor profile than beef that does not go through that process.

Normally, you would need to go look at a menu at a fancy steakhouse to get that high-quality beef. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get all dressed up for a nice dinner, but through Oak Barn Beef you not only provide your family with high-quality protein that has been dry aged for maximum flavor, but you can enjoy and customize the experience at your own home!

And, as George always used to say, “There’s nothin’ like staying home for real comfort and conversation.”